Star Wars Gift Ideas List for this Season

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The following is a Star Wars gift ideas list for this holiday season.

Star Wars gifts are popular with kids, teens, and adults alike.

Star Wars is a great movie, and some of these items become more valuable over time.

Some of the items on this list are some of the most popular of this season.

Browse the list and see what you can find.

Enjoy the following.

Star Wars gift ideas list:

Revell Millennium Falcon Building Kit

This Millenium Falcon comes to life. Being on the top of the Star Wars gift ideas list makes it a top choice for your favorite Star Wars enthusiast.

Star Wars VII – 18″ First Order Stormtopper

Whoa, A First order Stormtrooper Figure. This one is ginormous, well, relatively…

Revell First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Building Kit

Build the Tie Fighter. Everything you needs comes with it.



Quantum Mechanix Star Wars Millennium Falcon Replica Keychain

This is a good gift for a driver you may know 🙂

Revell Poe’s X-Wing Fighter Building Kit

Build the X-Wing Fighter. No tools, paint or glue required.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Micro Machines First Order Star Destroyer Playset

This opens up to a really cool playset. It comes with tiny figurines, a tiny X-wing fighter, and a tiny Tie Fighter.

Star Wars Science – Force Lightning Energy Ball

Force Lightning Energy Ball with Educational Manual. Great for young adults and up. Great for Display

Star Wars Hero Mashers Episode VII TIE Fighter and TIE Fighter Pilot

Collect this Tie Fighter and the Figurine that comes with it. A fun and cool toy.

Star Wars Science – Death Star Planetarium
Transform a darkened room into a planetarium
Table top Death Star planetarium. Two ways to project the night sky. Compare the Star Wars galaxy and Earth’s night sky. Fun and informative learning guide.

Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda, Collector Box Edition

This Jedi Master says 115 different phrases and has master Jedi skills, and it’s maybe the best thing on this star wars gift ideas list.. Yoda is big, and he moves, and he has a bunch of really wise sayings…
star wars gift ideas list
Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope Black Series Titanium Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced

This is Darth Vader’s Tie fighter. Enjoy  the adventure of Darth Vader and the Star Wars Universe.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars Darth Vader Figure
Figurine from Star Wars Rise Against the Empire.
star wars gift ideas liststar wars gift ideas list
Monopoly Game Star Warsstar wars gift ideas list
Star Wars version of the classic Monoploy game challenges you to dominate the universe

Works like the fast-trading property game but with planets and bases
Force cards change your destiny as you play

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