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Steven Yessick Complete Paintings: 1999-2018

Steven Yessick Complete Paintings (1999-2018) is a full collection of almost every painting that this master artist has completed during his painting career. Covering many styles such as abstraction, surrealism, and figurative work, this artist has brought to light many new ideas concerning painting styles and techniques used to make these paintings come to life. If you love surreal art, or abstract art, this book is for you. The artist touches on a few different styles. He tried to make his work unlike anything he had ever seen during extensive travelling in Europe and the U.S. visiting museums. At one point, this artist took a systemic approach to abstraction, by studying form drawings. They were, what he called, form combinations. He used the best form combinations in a series of paintings within the book with bright colors and shapes melded together.

The paintings in this book are in no specific order, but some time periods are semi grouped together, so you can look for similarities. This guy can paint. For real, you should definitely check out this book if you love painting and art. This artist is really unique, and his work is really cool. His work is “Sick.”

Steven Yessick Original Oil Paintings 2000-2009: A Journey into the Abstract and Unknown

The best oil and acrylic paintings by Steven Yessick, a.k.a. @yessickart. Ranging in complexity from the simple abstract to the complicated interplay of form. An intermingling of the luxurious and the decadent. Abstract and surreal art from the 21st century and beyond, in a magnificent visual display, with commentary by the author and artist.

Pen and Ink Drawings; Pen Drawings: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings: Collected and Assembled from the Matrix of Reality

Pen and Ink Drawings were, for Steven Yessick, a good way to get a number of ideas across in a straightforward way… Ranging from the abstract, to a language of visionary architecture, these pen drawings capture the essence of design, art, and imagination by Steven Yessick, a.k.a. @yessickart. Many of these pen drawings were drawn at live music events, and many were also drawn around people and friends to portray a sense of the collective unconscious of moment and place.

Experiences and experiencing life play a major role in this artist’s journey through creating his own work. With this book, you will get a glance at the mysterious power of the pen when it is placed in the hands of a quite ambitious  and talented young artist. Pen and Ink Drawings by Steven Yessick is a comprehensive display of the nuances of this artist’s handicraft, all captured in the form of pen and ink drawings now available in this magnificent and easy to navigate visual format.

Famous Digital Artist: Digital Collages

Famous Digital Artist is A collection of various digital collages by the world renowned artist Steven Yessick. Starting with a basic collage, this artist transforms the original image into a highly interesting and engaging final product. Over 100 digital works. Unlike anything you may have ever seen. Famous Digital Artist is truly original. This artist is ahead of his generation insofar as the overall originality and appearance of these works. Add this book to your collection to revisit all of this stunning artwork many times.

Famous Digital Artist: Digital Collages Vol 2

Famous Digital Artist Vol 2 is a highly remarkable voyage into the chaotic world of @yessickart. During his hiatus from painting, Steven Yessick journeyed into the depths of computer generated art combining painting and mixed media imagery with an understanding of computer image software. Using his hawk’s eye, Steven’s creations come to brilliant life and color in this amazing exploration of the work of a Famous Digital Artist.

Art Theory

How to Be More Creative: Simple Steps To Success Through the Power of Creativity

How to Be More Creative is a groundbreaking work on the power of creativity that will enrich every aspect of your life. Now more than ever, there are many professions which call for creativity on a daily basis. Now that more and more opportunities are arising to be creative in life and work, truly there are more ways than ever to harness your creative potential. Many jobs call for creative types who work well with others, have a sincere desire to help, and who can solve problems effectively. It takes a little creativity to solve any problem. You can learn to think outside of the box, approach old problems in new ways, and continue to grow everyday..

Thinking creatively can take you a long way in life. How to Be More Creative is a synopsis of a lifetime of developing creativity through the eyes of a master artist. It is a short and intelligent read designed for anyone on an adventure in developing their own creative potential. Find new paths to further your success through independent thinking. With the tools in this book, you can go far in life in work.

Art Theory: On Painting, Architecture, and Other Visual Media: Including Creative Inspiration for Artists

Writings on Art and Architecture (1999-2016).. I kept a running list of ideas for years, and I added to it over a long period of time. New ideas were added to the list as they were discovered. There is an introduction with poignant ideas on art as a whole. Next, is the list of ideas and theories expounded upon over time. Then, in the final chapter, there is a list of composition ideas for creativity for all types of artists. Overall, a highly relevant art theory book for abstract artists, contemporary architects, and anyone interested in furthering their own artistic sensibilities.

My Therapeutic Loops

Yessickloops: My Kind of Loops: A Wild Ride full of Handmade Loops

What started as a way to get emotions out on paper, became a way to condition my own mind. This vehicle for conditioning my mind has now become something more than just that.

Collectively, these drawings speak to the abstract. Some may be observed the same way that clouds are observed; with different people seeing different things. Sometimes you may let your eyes relax to see it in a new way; and perhaps they may be read for signs. Either way, when you view the loop drawing book, you will see a self expression unique to this artist.

The author wants to say that they affect timing in his own life. They are to be examined and read, yes, as clouds are read, with little or no intended meaning by the artist. You will also see a few pizza delivery drawings in the series as well. Have fun and enjoy the book.

Steven Yessick’s Loopy Ladies: Pen and Pencil Feminine Figurative Drawings Made with Loops

The loopy ladies are a collection of drawings which started with the artist drawing simple loops to sorta get the things out of his head that that he didn’t want in there. Call it a mind-conditioning exercise, or what have you, it was therapeutic. Either way, through a suggestion of his girlfriend Hara, I began drawing women using the loopy lines. The following collection contains both loopy and normal drawing techniques. The drawings, by being therapeutic, really helped him come to a better place in his life.

Enjoy the book, and have fun looking at all of the loopy ladies contained within it!


Earth: Deconstructed (Deconstruction Book 1)

The deconstruction of an image of the Earth.

Cactus: Deconstructed: A Humorous Tale of Cactus Intrigue (Deconstruction Book 2)

This story with images explains a day in the life of Jet, a hired assassin. The cactus plays an integral role in the plot, and Jet takes twists and turns throughout the humorous story. You will laugh at the writing, and you will also be intrigued with the colorful visual display.


A Pattern of Flowers: Poems and Insights

Poems written generally in freestyle with little or no editing. Attempt to capture the raw form of an emotion or thought in this way.

The Mysteriously Beautiful Quality of Dusk..: A Book of Poetry by Steven Yessick

Poems taken from 2012-2014… This book is thrilling to read. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and you don’t know what to expect next. This is a coherent and collected writing arrangement that really gets you intrigued from the very beginning, and it holds your attention all the way through. You may call it whatever you want, but it speaks to the reader and each time you read it, you think of new things. Almost abstract, yet coherent and dynamic, these verses display the gift that this artist has for freestyle writing.

Vinrosevortex: Poetry 2009-2011

Some of Steven Yessick’s best poetry is in this book. These are beautiful poems that were written spontaneously, in the moment, to carry into the future a distinct mood that captures the essence of raw experience. This poet finds new ways create poetry that are beyond explanation. These poems just happen; in the moment, with only minimal editing; only that is necessary. Find intriguing and elegant free verse in the pages of this book. It also has a section in the back that was written in 2017.

As the Wind Whispers through the Whipperwills…: Freestyle Poems and Writings by Steven Yessick (2000-2008)

Freestyle Poems and Writings by Steven Yessick from 2000-2008. This is some of the best stuff I have ever written. The words are gleaned from an endless cycle of travelling, clubbing, dancing, walking through city streets, and finding truth in settings unusual and unfamiliar. These words were writeen during and between extended periods of travelling to different cities and sort of roughing it. Along the way, a notepad was always at hand in which fragments and stints of these words were gathered. A memoir of blending life and experience in it’s highest forms into a written format was the true aim of this book.

The Magical Melodies of Night

Poetry and Mixed Media Graphics Art by Steven Yessick. It kinda gets funny at the end of the book. It is quite different than a lot of stuff out there insofar as it is extremely abstract and is intended to deliver a unique interpretation by each reader every time they read it. An adventure into a tangent of thought that carries on into almost nonsensical bliss and laughter. This book is a trip. Nothing else even comes close to the far out words and art of this artist. This book just happened, like some of the best things in life always do.


The Intelligence: An Imaginative Look into Future Robotics Tecnology through the Dreamstate Vision Quest Seekings of Steven Yessick. Including Much Visual Media

A journey into the core of yessickart’s being with a tech twist. The worlds blend together through the words. A creative writing core designed to explore an abstract vision of certain factories with a picture of future robotics technology exploration. Tons of visual media made for this book by Steven Yessick. Tons of images, and a wild ride through the diverse and unexpected voice of Steven Yessick.

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