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tree of life meaning

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tree of life meaning
Tree of Life Poster
Klimt Famous Artwork

Many tree of life meanings appear throughout human history. They are a way of teaching people how to see their role in society. All life, the tree teaches, is interconnected.

The tree teaches us about birth and death too. Leaves symbolize humans.

Each leaf grows and eventually dies. A new leaf appears, replacing the old one, just as future generations of humans replace us.

Trees represent fertility, life’s force, and immortality, life’s dream, as well. Klimt’s piece above is a perfect example of using a tree to symbolize both fertility and immortality in a single picture.

In the Bible, we are introduced to the sacred tree. It symbolizes our knowledge of good and evil. This version of the Tree Of Life has been interpreted to mean many things over the centuries, with some historians even claiming the tree Adam and Eve found in the garden of Eden was cannabis.

Another version of the Tree Of Life appears in Shel Silverstein’s book The Giving Tree. When the story begins, we meet a young boy and a tree which will sustain him with all he needs during his life, until finally one day there is nothing left to give.

Few books touch the human soul as directly as The Giving Tree.

Tree of Life Meaning Around the Globe

Most religions draw upon the tree as a symbol for life somehow.

For example, Wiccans empty negative energy by visualizing themselves as a tree with roots stretching way down into the ground.

Becoming a tree of life in their mind, they open a portal for their negative energy to flow out of them. Beyond the sacred tree, Christianity uses trees as symbols for humans in its comparison between a tree built in sand versus one fully rooted.

In this comparison, trees and people grow from the roots up, and they are only as strong as their roots. Many religions see the tree has as a sign of immortality.

The phrase “family tree” perfectly encapsulates this idea.

Tree Of Life Meaning is not one thing.

The meaning exists for you to play with, and create your own meaning.

The African Art Tree of Life below is a great example of the endless possibilities for creating meaning using this universal symbol…

tree of life meaning
Betty LaDuke Eritrea Tree of Life Poster

Here is a Celtic based tree of life:

For this Celtic print from imagekind, duality, as well as the triple energy force are explored as a means to immortality, and the interconnectivity of life is explored by the interwoven bands typical of Celtic art.

The tree of life meaning for this piece is normal, however complex and rich in meaning.

Celtic Tree of Life

Anyways, I hope this helps you find your own personal tree of life Meaning 🙂

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