upcycled wind chimes

upcycled wind chimes

Here are some upcycled wind chimes.

They are all made from reused materials, so you can be confident of the craftsmanship.

Each is unique in it’s own regard, and is made from original materials.

So, click on the images or links to buy.

upcycled wind chimes
Recycled Wine Bottle Glass Windchime on Driftwood

Recycled Glasses Windchime here. Cool, and pretty colors will collide and move while this moves around in the sun.

Clinking glass will make your room soft and warm.

Check Out these upcycled Wind Chimes.

upcycled wind chimes
breeZi, an upcycled ski pole windchime, is a great addition to your balcony, backyard, deck, patio or garden with sweet notes by upCyD

These wind chimes are cool because they are made from reused skiing materials.

They click and clank, making different tones of sound with the different lengths of the poles.


upcycled wind chimes
Bohemian Beach Glass Suncatcher Seaglass Windchime Eco Friendly Decor Beach Wedding Decor Upcycled Driftwood Recycled Seaglass Lake Erie

A really wonderful driftwood piece, with amazing light patterns and clinking sounds.

This is a beauty to hang in your mystical window, so you can experience the awesomeness of upcycled glass.

upcycled wind chimes
Beach Glass Suncatcher Sea Glass Sun Catcher Glass Wind Chime Sea Shells Recycled Sea Glass Upcycled Driftwood Eco Friendly Beach Wedding

This one is definitely charming, and in a way reminds me of the beach, or the desert, and dry hot places with sand, because that’s where the glass comes from: the beach.

Not only does it have all this awesome woven glass, but it comes with a beautiful original piece of driftwood, as a hanging means.


upcycled wind chimes
Bohemian Sea Glass Sun Catcher Unique Windchime Beach Wedding Decor Eco Friendly Decor Whimsical Mobile Lake Erie Ohio

Beautiful brown tones make this awesome wind chime. A beautiful piece that would look great in a lot of places, especially in an open window in the city, or anywhere an open window wants to be.

upcycled wind chimes
Beach Glass Whimsical Mobile Seaglass Sun Catcher Hanging Driftwood Art Eco Friendly Decor Bohemian Beach Wedding Lake Erie

A beautiful piece with strands hanging from a piece of driftwood. This is way cool.

Clinking sounds make this an awesome piece to hang in front of a door or beside a door.

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