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Here you can find a voice recorder alarm clock. Like, an alarm that records your voice as the alarm wake up message. Pretty cool, right? Well, there are a few different options when it comes to these gadgets, and we shall cover them all in this list.

Try this simple and functional voice recording alarm clock <- this is really all you need it's right here, I made it easy for you to find. Or there are more examples below, as well, like this one:
Recording Digital Smart Alarm Clock, Time/Date/Temperature Display, Snooze Function, Battery Operated (Blue)
Unlimited time recording and playback, can be used for answering machine. The recording content can be used as the alarm clock ring recording (10 seconds).

Wouldn’t it be just awesome to make personalized alarm messages for yourself or your loved ones?

Some people may like to wake up to a nice soothing message in the morning. What a great way to start the day!

Well, now you can wake up to a voice recording with the alarm clocks on this list. Just a fun unique novelty item that would perhaps be good as a gift or something you know?

A voice recording alarm clock as an alarm to wake you up in the morning. Why not try it?
You can even change the recording day to day to suit your needs. Or maybe just keep that one really good recording.. Some of them let you record multiple recordings, too. 🙂
Pretty cool tech gadget to start the conversation in the morning with your loved ones. 🙂
So here is the list:

Just click on the alarm clock you are interested in, and you can read reviews, descriptions, and learn more about each clock.

Voice Recorder Alarm Clocks

This is a nice sleek and stylish voice recording alarm clock that you might like that looks good:

Basic Voice Recording Alarm Clocks

This is all you really need. Simple, sleek, and effective for a good price, really. So check it out!

Kwanwa Battery Operated Cordless LED Electronic Alarm Clock,High Definition Recording playback Alarm,1.2 inch Red Numbers Display

The perfect choice because it is inexpensive, it really works awesome, and is a good quality voice recorder alarm clock. Feel free to click on it to read more.. This one is the go-to for voice recording alarm clock messages. It’s quite simple and does the trick nicely, so try it!

The alarm clocks in this list allow you to record your own voice as a wake up reminder for you or your loved ones anytime you want.

The Sonic Glow Moonlight Alarm Clock with recordable alarm and Sonic Bomb bed shaker

^This one has a normal alarm with a bed shaker feature, and also has a recording feature as well, that’s why it’s on this list…

You can record it however you want. The fun part is, that you may have to do it over a few times until you get a recording that you like.

The recording may be pleasant or unpleasant, depending on who you are trying to wake up and why. Lol.

Ieasycan Stylish LED Display Smart Snooze Alarm Clock Voice Recording Touch Button with Cold LED Backlight Home Decor

This is a good one too, for an affordable price. Check it out, just click to learn more…

It has a calendar, a voice recorder, and you can adjust the snooze interval.

A pretty good alarm for the price. I mean, you can have a lot of fun with these gadgets.

It may be just a fun thing to have.

Cool Voice Recording Alarm Clocks

I think this is a cool idea.

It’s nice because with some of them, you can record five different messages, and then set times for each one.

That’s really awesome, like, record messages to yourself for throughout the day, little reminders, you know?

Record Own Voice Alarm Clocks Online Here

FreshAlarm- 5 Alarm Voice Timer. Five Interval Timers each with Recordable Loud Voice Alarm. Easy to set timers. Interval up to 12 hours.

This one lets you record your voice louder than some of the other ones.

These are the only voice recorder alarm clocks I could find on amazon without those shady spy cameras in them.

Anyways, cool gadget, I may get this^ one because it is so highly functional. It has a voice recording alarm, too.

Record Own Voice Alarm ClockVoice Recorder Alarm Clock
Small Travel Daily Pill/ Medicine Container/ Organizer with Recordable Voice Reminder System and Timer Alarm

If you want a smaller alarm that holds pills with the voice recording and playback functionality that all these have, then this is a good choice.

Just sayin, it’s pretty trendy, I guess 🙂 And it has a keychain and a timer. Affordable, and it fits in your pocket.

You can record up to 15 greetings and alarm messages, and it is also voice controlled, so you can set it however you want with your voice, too. It’s awesome. But it’s not your actual voice that plays back, so…

voice recording alarm clock buy online
DeRoyal Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Clock

It would be really cool to have this^ one because it is loud, too. You can hear it from like 100 feet away at it’s highest setting. Great for travel! And taking along some important messages, too!

Other Recording Stuff

Here is a heart shaped photo frame that can record a nine second message to be played back whenever. And you can re-record it at any time. Check it out:

Lovely 3.9x 3.9inch Heart-shaped Desk Photo Frame 9 Seconds’ Voice Recorder

Thought you might like this^ too.

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