I want to watch this new movie, Despicable Me 3

And bring a flower:

with a pic of Nicole Kidman:

and a riding lawnmower:

and a beer hat:

with some brass bells:

and some socks:
wool socks:

and a widespread panic cd:

with some roses, for real:

he’s a bachelor:
and some shoes:
from parkay:

with a rainbow poster:

and some timex salmon patties or some tuna fish escapism with tobasco sauce and some saltines:
like this tabasco, which will last forever:

or an earful of sound.
like a graveyard
the sky
and U2
playing in my eardrum:
or Jessica Buciaga:

or a soundtribe cut:

and a moonshine glass.
for a cataract, vision goggles, like the ones from Despicable me 3:

vindictive mobocracy.
juice of nectarines, maybe like peace nectar:

or maybe this diamond painting:
or maybe some sex.
Despicable Me Diamond Pattern Paintingsex
and more sexually explicit sagacious suck vision eating hair in my teeth.
curly ones.
from the vag.
of my lady friend.
sucking that clit.
new cologne from timex.

and some beef.
from someone.
by eardrum recreations of sex.
and sex.
and heterosexuality pervades the cosmos for a sec.
eating vagina.
like pam anderson:

or a sucky snake:

and some art:
like a drawing:
by frankenthaler:

and some jazz. piece of cake.
sex. sexy milf.
lost sex.
loaf sex
hill sex
cat visions
and some dog treats
then sex.
then sex.
and more sex.
and then some sex.
and then some more sex.
and fucking.
on the sofa
and then sex
and then sucky
and then sex.

More cool artistic stuff:

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