Waterfall Posters and Water and Money

waterfall posters

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Waterfall posters, yo..

Money and Water are most definitely interrelated, yo.

Money is like water, you know? It can flow, such as in a big river.

Or there can be just like a ton of it, like in the Ocean.

It can also be stagnant like in lakes and ponds, and eventually dry up, (omg, no!!!! we don’t want that to happen!!! 🙂 )

You just got to get your feet wet, and get in a stream, so that you can get in that big ‘ole river and just flow and prosper and join in on that ‘ole ocean thing. Right?

waterfall posters
Monte Nagler (Fortuna Falls) Art Poster Print Poster Poster Print, 36×24

Wow, a stepped water fall, yo.

The ocean can represent like the larger percentage of money that is stuck there, that’s the one percent of the population that has all the money.

The freshwater is like the money that everyone else drinks. 🙂

Like these waterfalls.

waterfall posters
Zen Waterfall Poster (24″x36″)

You know, a waterfall could be like where money flows into your part of the river..

Wow, this zen waterfall is pretty friggin awesome, yo.

waterfall posters
Watkins Glen New York Waterfall Nature Woods Scenery Art Print Poster (16×20)

Watkins Glen, yo…

Omg like I love this place for reals!

waterfall posters
Waterfalls Poster Photo Wallpaper – Ellowa Falls, 8-Parts (153 x 106 inches)

Also, water pictures such as these go good in the wealth corner of the house.

As long as it’s not in the bedroom. Water or water images shouldn’t be placed in the bedroom according to standard feng shui practices.

However they work so friggin awesomely in the wealth corner of say, like the living room or something???

Feng Shui Charts <- these will show u where da wealth corner is, yo.

waterfall posters
Waterfall at Sunset – XXL Mural Waterfall Sunset- Poster 55 Inch x 39.4 Inch

Whoa so beautiful.

waterfall posters
Redwood Waterfall Forest Stream Scenery Wall Decor Art Print Poster (16×20)

Cool waterfall poster yo.

More Waterfall Posters

waterfall posters
Forest of falling leaves – Canvas Wall Scroll Poster (32×24 inches)

Cool. there’s some really awesome waterfalls out there, ya’ll.

Make it rain!

Get one, c’mon… 🙂

waterfall posters
(24×36) W. E. Garrett – Waterfall on Havasu Creek Photo Poster

Cool. Like, a little waterfall. Aww so sweet… 🙂


waterfall posters
Studio B  Niagara Falls Poster

Whoa that’s like a lot of money flowing over that waterfall, yo.

waterfall posters
Snoqualmie Falls, WA – View of Waterfall Photograph (9×12 Art Print, Wall Decor Travel Poster)

Here’s a black and white one.

Pretty freakin awesome if u ask me. 🙂

waterfall posters
Trademark Fine Art Red Vison by Philippe Sainte-Laudy Canvas Wall Art, 35×47-Inch

Like, with da red trees, yo.

Thanks for stopping by <3

Hope your waterfall poster in your wealth corner of your house helps your situation, like tremendously, yo. 🙂

so that you can get in that big ole river and just flow….


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