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Wind Chime Sound Effects can be a great addition to a song, they can relax you into sleep, or they can bring you a sense of serene calm and inspiration while enjoying nature.

I have listed some wind chime sound effects for sale, as well as some really great wind chimes that are known especially for their beautiful and soothing sound qualities.

So, I have found some of the best wind chimes based on their unique sound effects in order to make the search a little easier for you.

A nice sound is the best part of having a wind chime, right? And maybe you can record some really unique and random combinations of sound with them, as well.

Well, here are some great examples of wind chimes with outstanding sound qualities…

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Wind Chime Sound Effects are Important in Recording Music or in Real Life

Here’s a cut of some wind chime sounds:

Bells, Wind Chimes Sound Effect

^This wind chime sample at 1:00 is pretty cool.

Here’s another one:

Wind Chimes Window Porch Sound Effects Sound Effect Sounds EFX Sfx FX Household Household Miscellaneous

It’s a little shorter cut, however, it is just different, basically. You may just want to try both…

And here is a wind chime download for relaxation and meditation that might be interesting…

Wind Chimes Sounds 1

It is calming.

And here is another relaxation download that might be pretty cool:

Wind Chimes & Forest Ambience

It combines rainforest sounds with wind chime sounds.

Just want to make people happy and smile, and help them find a wind chime and/or help them make a wind chime sound effects. 🙂

Or maybe you want to make your own wind chime sound effects…

And here are some really super duper wind chimes for you to check out:

Best Wind Chimes for Quality Sound Effects

Look at this beautiful and resonant wooden piece. It will make a great sound.


Burnt Flower Bamboo Windchime 37″ Beautiful Sound

Sometimes, the simplest things are the best. This simple solution and classical take on the natural look of a wind chime may be ideal for a rustic feel.

The hollow bamboo chimes make a more natural and woodsy sound which appeals to many fans of this wonderful style of wooden wind chime.

Maybe Do it Yourself?

Maybe you can try getting some real wind chimes through these links, and maybe you can make wind chime sound effects of your own, and sell them, because there is a real shortage of products for this niche, truly, check it out…

If you want to buy a wind chime and make your own sound effects, and if you really want to do it, then you should do it right. This book will help you understand everything in the world that goes into making sound effects.


The Sound Effects Bible: How to Create and Record Hollywood Style Sound Effects

If you already have the required equipment, maybe try one of these lovely wind chimes with good sounds, or maybe a few put together might work..

Otherwise, maybe you just want to check out some really awesomely harmonious sounding wind chimes below…

They are also nice to look at too, as well as just pleasant.

More Wind Chimes to Use for Decor and/or Recording Sound Effects


Euforyjam 28 – Inch Tuned Moon Wind Chime, Silver

^This particular wind chime is known for it’s melodic and beautiful pure tones. The sound will bring a genuine sense of calm and serenity to your outdoor space.

The elegant design combined with it’s functional simplicity make it a great choice for those seeking a practical solution to wind chime sound effects for whatever reason.

Great Sound Wind Chime for Patio, Garden, Terrace and Balcony – Beautiful Outdoor Decor NoiseMaker

With a plethora of tones on this wind chime, it is easy to see how so many different chimes can make for a great sound. Whatever direction the wind blows, there will be a pleasant and graceful sound from this wind chime. A variety of tones might be interesting for sound engineering, too.

5′ Extra LARGE Big 57″ Deep Tone Resonant Bass Sound CHURCH BELL Windchime Chime

If it is the sounds of a church bell you seek in a wind chime, then this is the ideal choice for you. It is made to resemble (in a softer way) the sounds of a church bell when it is ringing. The sounds are deep and calming, which makes this a good choice for people who love the sound of church bells, just anytime..

BEAUTIFUL WIND CHIMES – Tuned 22″ Wood Windchimes Deliver Rich, Full, Relaxing Tones – Best Large Wooden Wind Chime For Outdoor Patio – Music To Your Ears

A wooden windchime set does bring a natural touch to your sound quality. The wood is stained and weatherproof. Also, the sound effects from wood just feel natural. For a natural look and sound, these simple and elegant wood chimes are the way to go.

Wind Chimes are Great Sound Emitters, these have good vibes…

Havasu Wind Chimes for Patio and Garden from UpBlend Outdoors – Beautiful Outdoor Home Decor – 38″ Hand Tuned Chime

With all the notes covered, what a great choice if you are looking for a golden colored wind chime. The sounds are meditative and strengthening, and you will have a peaceful sound to relax you while ypu are enjoying your outdoor garden space or making cool music.

Some Unique and Awesome Wind Chimes

Woodstock Alto Black Gregorian Chimes- Inspirational Collection

If you prefer to have a set of black wind chimes that also have great sound effects, well why not try this^ one. The tones are light and soothing, while the color is unseen at night. Also, it may look good with a more contemporary look. Perfect for those who need a dark colored wind chime that also sounds absolutely fantastic.

Woodstock Chimes of Saturn Bronze 47 in. Wind Chime

The Chimes of Saturn are known for their deep and powerful tones. When the chimes vibrate, they emit a low, grounding tone which makes your outdoor space full of sound and life. The Chimes of Staurn are ideal if you are looking for something different with deep, soothing toines..

Beautiful Wind Chimes Sound Makers

feng shui Amazing Grace Chime / Gregorian Alto Windchime / Beautiful Outdoor Decoration – Durable – Easy to Install – Hand Tuned for Superior Sound Quality

A Wind Chime’s Sound Effects are crucial to getting a windchime that you really like and enjoy. Knowing that, we recommend this feng shui based wind chime to alleviate stagnant energy from your outdoor garden space. Bringing in an element of sound can add beauty and mystique to yours or your friend’s home outdoor sound experience.

Woodstock Gregorian 18 Inch Soprano Wind Chime

For a ligher and slightly more high pitched sound effect from a windchime, this is obviously the best choice. It ia a classic wind chime look, with gentle light sounds that will spark the imagination. It is interesting to hear the almost random combination of tones from this sophisticated soprano wind chime when it is in action.

Pachelbel Canon Chime, Silver- Famous Melodies Collection

Tuned to the famous Pachabel Canon, this silver woodchime has the sound effects that remind one of a simpler time, and will bring back the everlasting romance of Pachabel’s Canon right to your garden space or melodic tune..

Maybe try this one out:

Soledi 15 Tubes Wind Chimes Healing Sound wood Metal Tube Wind Chime Healing WOOD With Metal Sound Home Yard Garden Outdoor Living Decor

With fifteen different tubes that hand down and emit sound to the subtle changes in the wind, this wooden top wind chime is great where a little life is needed outside of your home. With an attractive look and appeal, this feng shui remedy windchime is the perfect choice for any sound need!

Carson 30 in. Sonnet Angles’s Arms Wind Chime

With this silver metallic wind chime, you get a simplicity of design combined with a peaceful four toned windchime. With a gentle breeze, you will find yourself enjoying the harmonic tones while relaxing outside after a hard day’s work. For those who prefer simplicity over things that are complicated, this is the chime set for you.

Like Wow, look at this one:


Wind chimes,12 Hollow Aluminum Metal Tubes Tuned 24” Music Wind chime

With twelve unique and different tones, this particular wind chime is ideal for those who would like a wide range of tones to hear during a gentle breeze. This wind chime is tuned perfectly and is a perfect example of wind chime sound effects at work.

A Few More Pieces


Corinthian Bells 50-inch Windchime, Black

Another great black windchime with that modern look that many find so appealing. It would look great with a darker colored house, or perhaps a white house with black accents. The long and slender vertical look of this windchime is why many find it’s design so highly appealing.

The Lord’s Prayer Sonnet Windchime

This high quality wind chime is well made, so it doesn’t have that clanking sound like some of the cheaper wind chimes. A wind chime’s sound effect should be beautiful and soothing. This elongated awesome wind chime does that perfectly, and that’s why this truly resonant wind chime is so great!

Tubes Double Antique Nature Bamboo Feng Shui Wind Chime Indoor Outdoor Wooden Melody Wind Bell

This wind chime set has two different sides. When the wind blows, there are two separate hanging ringers that produce a unique and diverse range of sounds on both sides. The wood construction also provides a natural appeal and sound. Variety of sound and duality, you know?

Look at this Sound Emitter:


Woodstock Emperor Harp Wind Chime

With the curvalinear look to this fine wind chime by Woodstock, you can’t go wrong. The light and ethereal sound that it emits is known to be pleasant and airy, while it’s charm goes beyond just the sound. With a visual dynamic that surpasses many standard wind chimes, this elegant take is a popular go to wind chime for many reasons.

Woodstock Chimes of Polaris, Bronze- Encore Collection

With a bronze windchime like this one, your need for a metallic bronze accent piece is fulfilled. Bronze is one of the hottest new trends in the mixed metals home design look. It also has a great sound effect, which is created by the unique metal blend designed specifically for this sophisticated bronze metallic wind chime.


Woodstock Ode To Joy Chime- Famous Melodies Collection

Based on the famous Beethoven tune, Ode to Joy, this delightful piece of outdoor luxury will bring you harmony and beauty with a simple combination of sounds for you to enjoy for years to come. Why not get something that relates to a song you already know? Might be a good idea.

Music of the Spheres Chinese Soprano 30-inch Wind Chime

For a slightly higher pitched sound, and with the appeal of a darker shade of color, this beautiful wind chime with diamond hanger is most appropriate for a wonderful display of beauty and magical sound, for real.

More on the Beauty of Wind Chimes

When you find a good wind chime, you really have something special. You may get accustomed to the sound patterns, and how the wind affects the chimes.

Each wind chime in this list is unique, and has it’s own inherent beauty. They are all simple and stylish.

Beauty in simplicity.

Well, I really have appreciated you visiting my page about wind chime sound effects and wind chimes.

Maybe you will be inspired to make some really beautiful sounds just come to life in like, whatever way it happens.

Because the best stuff just happens. Miracles happen. They just happen.

Things come together.

I truly hope one of these wind chimes brings you a soft touch of just the right noise at the right time to sends you into a state of mysterious beauty.

Thanks you.


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