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Yard Art Statues are in style this year, and we have put together the perfect collection of wonderful yard art statues for you to see here.

Among these top choices, you will find much statuary including metal yard statues, concrete yard statues, among a few awesome other ones as well.

Having perused the best of the best online, and put them in an easy to read list, we have made it that much easier for you to find the perfect yard art statue.

Many of the most popular choices that have the best ratings were selected for this list.

So, without further ado, here’s the yard art statue list:

Yard Art Statues

yard art statues
Design Toscano Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Garden Statue, Large 24 Inch, Polyresin, Grey Stone

This^ statue is reminiscent of the large stone statues found on Easter island. Wouldn’t that look cool in your yard? Maybe you can get a few of them and place them in strategic locations throughout your yard. Why not?

Design Toscano The Swamp Beast Lawn Alligator Crocodile Garden Sculpture, 37 Inch, Polyresin, Full Color

Why not try the gator? People really like this statue. It looks nice, and kids really enjoy having this yard art statue around.

Bits and Pieces-Steadfast Tin Woodman with a heart Garden Sculpture-Garden Décor Tin Man Yard Art – Garden Statue – Statue Measures 30-1/2″ tall x 14″ wide

If you have a big heart, you and the Tin Man will get along perfectly. He wants a heart so badly. Why not add more love to your garden by adding a reminder of his spirit of love.


EMSCO Group Saint Francis Statue – Natural Granite Appearance – Made of Resin – Lightweight – 29” Height

If you feel like adding something like the yard art statue above, maybe think about choosing this one (if you want). It actually kind of blends in well with nature, and it is big enough to be noticeable without being overly obtrusive. So, it kinda just works. 🙂 Check it out!

Other Types of Yard Art Statuary

Curious Rabbit Garden Statue

This is a life sized rabbit statue. It weathers well, and it may actually remind a friend of a real rabbit, perhaps. Plus rabbits are really cute, and this little furry friend adds a nice touch.

Attraction Design Antiqued Metal Garden Angel, 32″ Height

This angelic form for your garden brings an airy and light touch to an outdoor space. With beautifully sculpted wings and body, this metal yard statue is quite the charming accent for your yard area.

Design Toscano Kissing Kids Boy and Girl Garden Decor Statue, 14 Inch, Polyresin, Antique Stone

This is a really cute statue of just an innocent little kiss. Maybe add some fun to your yard with the addition of this off white statue that is reminiscent of stonework.

More Yard Art Statues

sunjoy Cast Aluminum 2pcs Garden Accent Decor Crane Set

This is a two piece set of large crane birds that may do well in a symmetrical orientation, or perhaps framing the boundaries of a pathway. Either way, these metal statues are just elegant enough to actually be used indoors sometimes, too. So check them out!

More Choices

Try these other options

Design Toscano Asian Decor Pagoda Lantern Outdoor Statue, Large 17 Inch, Polyresin, Two Tone Stone

^You get a stone authentic pagoda statue. These things work great for lighting accents throughout the yard, so it may help to order a few.

Grasslands Road Villa Cherub Girl Birdfeeder Statuary

This cherub girl is angelic with a great deal of charm. She holds her dress in such a way as to become a bird feeder, so it’s actually kind of functional, too.

Bits and Pieces – Garden Peeker Elf Tree Hugger-Polyresin Outdoor Tree Sculpture – Whimsical Garden Decoration

Attach this elf yard art ornament to a tree, and see him peek around the corner. A little gnome-ish flavor for your yard just might be the right thing.

Design Toscano Bandit the Raccoon Garden Animal Statue, 10 Inch, Polyresin, Full Color

This cute little racoon guy would look so sweet in your yard! If you love racoons, then this might be the one for you!

Deco 79 55138 Metal Decorative Dog Statue, 12 by 17-Inch

What a colorful take on a metal dog yard art statue for your yard. Quite the appealing choice for awesome garden dog pleasantries.

More Interesting Statues

Grasslands Road Cherub with Cat, 7-Inch, Gift Boxed

Look at this little cherub. What a pleasant and appealing choice to help to make a more serene environment in your backyard.

Lion of Florence Statue

This giant lion statue can guard the gate to your home, and keep your house safe from negative energy. A nice white stone yard art statue can also add a great deal of interest to your outdoor space.

Regal Art &Gift Solar Peacock Stake, Green, 21-Inch

This interesting little peacock statue kind of lights up in the sun, as it’s sides are made of a translucent and reflective material that glows in the sunlight. Pretty cool!


Metal Rusty Daisy Garden Stake

A simple yet elegant choice, this large red metal cutout flower adds a spice of delight to any garden or outdoor space…

Cool Yard Art Statues


CEDAR HOME Wind Spinner Sculpture Garden Stake Outdoor Cute Metal Stick Art Ornament Figurine Decor for Lawn Yard Patio

These are Tucan wind spinners. They are fun, airy, and delightful. Pretty colorful, too! And they just stick in the ground fairly deep. Makes a great gift, too!


Desert Steel Saguaro Cactus – Tiki Torch Steel Art

Imagine having a tiki torch cactus to light your outdoor evening dinner party. It would be sorta cool, I think. Desert-esque almost. Anyways, I think this thing is really cool. 🙂

Classic Metal Garden Markers – set of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 50

Mark your garden sections off with these garden marker. They come in really handy in letting you know what is where.

Dandelion Girl Silhouette Metal Garden Stake Whimsical Decorative Sculpture Outdoor Yard Art Ornament Ideal for Lawn Flower Beds Planters

This is a cute little yard ornament silhouette that brings an air of innocence and beauty to a garden space.

Garden Stake Outdoor Metal Glass Religion Cross Stick Art

For Christians and those who believe in the power of the cross as a symbol of protection, these yard ornaments will bring color, beauty, and life to your yard.

Regal Art &Gift Rustic Pelican Decor

A rustic pelican might bring a touch of the beach to your garden or patio space. A beautifully crafted design, this type of decor is definitely in style.


Peacock with Feathers Down Metal Garden Accent

A peacock yard ornament would remind you of the beauty and brilliance of the peacock with feathers extended towards the ground.

Top Statue Picks

Attraction Design Antiqued Metal Garden Angel with Hook

This angelic form is also rustic in nature, and it definitely assists in bringing a peacful energy to your outdoor space.

PAGODA Concrete Lantern, 3-piece Grey/Gray Finish Outdoor Garden Statue

This is a top choice among yard art statues because it is a lantern, and it is made of stone. It may be used in multiples to line walkways. A great stone lantern!

American Made Ornamental Praying Buddha Cast Stone Garden Sculpture; 11.5″ high (Classic Natural)

If you like the Buddha, and feel like he brings a peaceful energy, then this one is the go-to Buddha yard art statue for you.


American-Made Cast Stone Outdoor Wall Plaque: Saint Francis Lord Bless This Garden, 14″

Here is a nice stone statue of St. Francis for your yard. It has a nice stone finish and has a relief sculpture of St. Francis craved into it.

Standing Shakyamuni Buddha

Here’s another nice Buddha statue. A top choice among yard art statues. (If you like the Buddha, that is…)

yard art statues
PAGODA Concrete Lantern , 3-piece Red Finish Outdoor Garden Statue

An authentic pagoda Chinese statue for your yard. Authentic, and a little pricey, but if you want the real deal, this is one of the best yard art statues.

Well, that concludes our overview of some of the best yard art statues online, so, maybe you have probably found something you like, so just click to get it.

And thanks for visiting the yard art statues page on conversation-art.com! 🙂

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